What are your hours?I am open from 6:00am – 5:00pm, Monday – Friday
Are you licensed or accredited?I have been licensed since October of 2001 and I am currently working on my Degree in Early Childhood Education.
How many children do you care for?I am licensed for 6 children, with no more then 2 children under the age of 1, and 3 under 2, or 8 children, with 2 under 2 and an additional 2 school-age children.
Do you provide preschool?Yes, I provide Mother Goose Time program that is a professionally planned preschool curriculum that offers theme based, hands-on activities and arts and crafts, providing a balance of important preschool skill experiences. Mother Goose Time curriculum fulfills the Head Start Domain Elements, Standards and Indicator guidelines, and is consistent with the National Association for the Education of Young Children guidelines for curriculum content.
What is your illness policy?Parents pay for childcare regardless of whether or not the child attends. This is a well child childcare home. This means that if your child is not feeling well, you will need to keep them home. Control of communicable illness among children is a prime concern. In order to protect the entire group of children, as well as your own child, I ask that parents assist me by not bringing their child if he/she has a contagious illness. I do not except children with a fever, vomiting, excessive diarrhea (if it is not contained in a diaper or the child cannot make it to the bathroom), or unexplained rashes. These symptoms must be gone for 24-hours before the child may be accepted back into care.
What do I do if you are sick or on vacation?You will be notified in advance if someone other than me is going to watch your children. I give at least a 30-day notice of any vacation that I will be taking.
Are you a member of a State Food Program?Yes, I am a member of a FDA approved food program so your children are assured healthy meals and snacks.
How do you discipline?I use the Love and Logic approach by Foster Cline, MD and Jim Fay. It is an approach that teaches children responsibility through choices and consequences of those choices.
Do you have Pets?Yes we have pets. I believe that animals are a good way for kids to learn responsibility. They learn how to interact with animals by being gentle and kind.  I have 3 dogs; Lab/Golden mix that loves to play fetch with the kids and 2 toy poodles.
What is your policy with TV?We do on occasion watch educational TV or a movie.
What will I be expected to provide?Parents must provide diapers (for children who are not potty trained), formula for infants 1-year and under, a change of clothes to stay at my home in case of accidents.
Tell me about yourself and why you became a provider?I became a provider because I have a love for children and believe that the first 5 years of development is critical.  Please visit my About Us page for further information.
What is your vacation policy?I offer parents 15 days vacation with a 30-day written notice of the dates the child will be gone. No tuition is due during the vacations that accompany a 30-day written notice. I take yearly vacation during which I attempt to provide alternative care options. During my vacation time no tuition is due. For more information please referenceHoliday page.Top>>
Can you describe a typical day that my child would experience in your care?

A Typical Day:
Depending on the needs of the children and field trips, schedules are flexible and may vary.
6:30-8:30am – Arrival Time/Free Play/Breakfast
8:30-9am – Clean up/Change diapers/Potty time
9-9:30am – Circle Time – This is the time to come together and learn days of the week, months of
the year, talk about what events of the day are planned.
9:30-10:30 – Daily lessons – Normally consist of a theme including a letter, number, shape and color of the week incorporated within the theme and involves painting, gluing or cutting of some sort.
10:30-10:45 – Clean up/Change diapers/Potty time
10:45-11:30 – Music & Movement/Outside Play (weather permitting) – We try to incorporate music by dancing, physical movements, marching with instruments and etc.
11:30-12:15pm – Lunch -We provide a nutritional lunch that follows the guidelines of the enrolled program “A Child’s Choice”.
12:15-12:30 – Clean up/Diaper change/ Potty time
12:30-1pm – Story time
1-3pm – Nap/Rest time – 
We provide the sleeping cribs/mats/pillows/blankets. Children are expected to rest quietly during this time.
3-3:15 – Clean up/Change diapers/Potty time
3:15-3:45 – Afternoon Snack – We provide a nutritional snack that follows the guidelines of the program we are enrolled in, “A Child’s Choice”. Ex. Juice and crackers, yogurt and fruit, etc.
3:45-5pm – Free play/Outside play (weather permitting)/Departure 


Do you take the kids on field trips?Yes, we go on regular field trips. Examples are parks (weather permitting), Children’s Museum, Pump It Up (jumping castles), Chuck E Cheese, McDonald’s, Zoo, Andersons Farm, etc.
Do you have any openings?Current openings are advertised on the Home page.  If you do not see an opening for your needs please fill out form and I will contact you regarding putting you on a waiting list .